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For all countries except Iran

For Iranian Authors (payable in Iranian banks)




Attending one author of each paper






247$=7/700/000 Rials


With this payment one author of each paper can attend in the conference hotel.

For attending each more author 250$ (or 110$=3/500/000 Rials for Iranian authors) must be paid in separate receipts.


Attending one person with more than one paper





97$=3/000/000 Rials

For example attending one person with three papers: 500$+200$+200$ that must be paid in three separated receipts.
Also for Iranian Authors: 247$+97$+97$ that must be paid in three separated receipts

Not attending with one paper


97$=3/000/000 Rials

For each extra paper this price must be paid in separate receipts.

Free attending for each person (without paper)



110$=3/500/000 Rials

These persons must make independent user account and upload her/his receipt using this account



Payment information:


Euro idris kaya

Banka : is bankasi

Sube : payas (6124)

Hesap no : 0036112

Iban no tr: 920006400000261240036112



Payment information in Iran:

Shaba account number: IR650550011585004900853001 (IBAN)- Bank Eghtesad Novin -(Ofogh Pishgaman . . . Institute)

Account number: 115-850-4900853-1

CARD NUMBER: 6274-1211-5380-0214


Important notes:

1- For more than one paper: Registration fee for each paper must be paid separately and the paper code must be inserted in each receipt. The paper cost receipts must be uploaded separately for each paper using Paper Status item of your c-panel.


2- Attending in conference includes opening ceremony,conference package and one day coffee break/lunch


3- The Rial fees will not be changed due to the dollar price changes.


4- It is not possible to pay not-attending fee and use not the conference package,lunch,coffee break and only present the paper in the hotel,because the attending fee is not limited to conference package,lunch,coffee break. The hotel entrance,using the equipment and reviewing process are also included in the attending fee.